this is how we do…

starting a blog scares the crap outta me. there’s a lot going on up in my crazy head.

great! thanks for stopping by! hope to see you again!

i’m really good at not being awkward. (note: this is sarcasm. i really wish we actually used punctuation to denote this. that would make my life a lot easier.)

when dave & i had our little love bug, dave gave me an amazing hand-painted, vintage locket by Verabel + Fox as a push gift.

THE MODERN LOCKET // Vintage, handpainted locket by Verabel + Fox on Etsy

i read about push gifts on some baby website that tells you all the terrible things you’re doing that will make your kids grow up to be serial killers and possess an inability to pick our their own clothes, but i thought it sounded like a really neat idea. i said something to dave to the same effect and he filed it away in his “husbandly efforts” mind-file. i imagined that, after the sweatless euphoria of giving life (because “birth” is gross) to a precious bundle of joy that nurses perfectly the first time, my dear husband would hand me a perfectly wrapped box. i would open it, gasp and someone would take a perfectly timed photo. it didn’t exactly happen that way. everything was crazy nuts and dave forgot the present he got for me, which was ok because i didn’t even know he’d gotten it. when we finally made it home from the hospital, he gave it to me a couple days later while i was in a sleep deprived stupor made worse by the fact that livi wouldn’t nurse and i ugly cried like slimer was trapped in my nasal cavities¬†and escaping to his freedom. aside from my wedding ring, it is my most prized possession. all at once it represents the past, the present and the future. it means home.

i guess that’s what i want this blog to encompass…home and all the things that word means. i’ll most likely talk about life, things i’m thinking about and maybe post some DIY’s and recipes. you know, just stuff that’s rambling around in my head. hopefully you’ll find it useful and/or encouraging.