a world with octobers

i’ve always loved Anne of Green Gables. i must’ve read those books 100 times! i have a quote journal that i used to keep back when i had the brain cells to do such frivolously wonderful things (read: before livi) that had quotes from the Bible, books, songs, notable experts and people i knew. it had quite a few pages dedicated to books i read as a youth and one of my favorite quotes has recently surfaced in pinterest pop culture

Octobers Print from The Dear Friend shop on Etsy.com

Octobers Print from the Dear Friend Shop on Etsy.com

there are roughly a million creations centered around this quote, but this one from the Dear Friend Shop is my fave. october kicks off my favorite time of the year – full of fun and festivities galore.

to celebrate all things fall we went with livi’s Nana to Hill Ridge Farms last weekend to pick out pumpkins and harass some very well-fed animals. the great pumpkin welcomes you…

the great pumpkin at hill ridge farms // the modern locketThe Pumpkin Giver // the modern locket

livi was lifting pumpkins and punching holes in rotten ones like you wouldn’t believe. she basically has super powers. and that  sock monkey hat from our friend Cindy got more ooooo’s, ahhhh’s and, “oh my how adorable”s than i was prepared for.

horseme & the bug // the modern locket

i can’t wait until livi is old enough for the pony rides – she loved the horses! she did not, so much, enjoy having her picture taken with her mother. i’m afraid #disapprovingbaby will very quickly turn into #disapprovingteenager. just a teensy glimpse into my instgramming future. but you give her daddy on a hay ride and this is what happens…

cuddles with daddy // the modern locket

*sigh. oh well, you win some and you lose a lot. that’s my motto. 😉 as i type this, the duo is watching a dancing pumpkin video and the bug is entranced. dancing pumpkin head-1, mom-0.

comfy ducksbunnyville

hill ridge has so many goats, sheep, chickens, turkey, geese, ducks, rabbits and horses that are clearly living the good life. they’re fed well and have room to roam. i’m so glad they finally put a church in Bunnyville. i was starting to assume the worse about their poor bunny souls.

hill ridge farms slide // the modern locketcorn play // the modern locket

dave & livi slid down the giant slide and watched older kids play in the germ infested glee hole they call the corn pit playroom.

last night we trick-or-treated with a rather large group of friends & kids and accosted a friendly neighborhood. livi had two costumes: a snow white dress that i picked up last year during an after-halloween sale at Babie-r-Us for $4.99 (originally $34.99) and a Carter’s ladybug costume that dear friends (who are basically family) gave livi for her birthday. my heart burst from the cuteness!

show white bug // the modern locketthe ladybug bug // the modern locket

i mean. come on.

snow white // the modern locket

bugsy wore the princess dress to see dave at work during their halloween party where kids of employees trick-or-treated at everyone’s desks. it’s basically an adorable parade. she wore the ladybug costume outside for trick-or-treating when it was a bit cooler.

livi at work // the modern locket

i should probably hit up the after-halloween sales again this year! any suggestions?